Thursday, October 04, 2007

They'll have a gay old time!

It had to happen. The same week that Larry Craig announces that he is not in fact resigning, a Republican group takes on one of the GOP's most obvious flip-floppers.

I'm talking, of course, about Yosemite Mitt.

Yes, the party's most unintentionally hilarious candidate is now the subject of a TV ad placed by the GOP's leading masochists gay and lesbian advocacy group, the Log Cabin Republicans. I knew that these guys existed, but wondered where they were hiding during this election cycle. (For the curious: no, Larry Craig is not a member.)

Anyway, the ad can be accessed via the NY Times linky and features clips of Mitt talking like a total liberal. Wow. I wondered when the LCR's would finally snap. Especially considering Mitt's, uh, confusing views on gay rights. Basically, he was always a flip-flopper, even when he was governor. He promised the Massachusetts LCR's that he'd uphold the state court's ruling that upheld gay marriage. Then he supported an amendment to ban it. And, of course, he also supports the Federal Marriage Amendment. No wonder the LCR's are pissed.

From the comments section in the first linky:

Yes! A Federal Marriage Amendment! As a gay man, I fully support a federal amendment to our constitution which prohibits Mormons from marrying. Anything less undermines the sanctity of marriage!