Friday, October 26, 2007

Please, let this be true!

Have the Senate Dems on the Judiciary Committee come to their senses and realized that, like, torture isn't cool? I know, I know; I've been disappointed before, too. And yes, I call my senators and tell them to vote no on these Bush-kowtowing schmucks. Of course, my senators are Schumer and Clinton, who are pretty liberal. (However, WTF was La Hill thinking when she voted for Kyl-Liberman?)

It's those milquetoast Lieberman wannabes who are frustrating. The ones who don't "get" that Bush and company are a. bad people, b. bad for America, and c. NOT friends of the Democrats. The Dianne Feinsteins and Ben Nelsons, in other words. I'm sick of these idiots.

Don't get me started on "principled" Republicans who cower at the sight of the Chimp. What part of "country before party" don't these morons understand?

As usual, it's up to the Democrats to be big meanies and ask Michael Mukasey the big, big questions about whether he thinks waterboarding is torture. The full rundown is here. Guys? If Mukasey is such a fence-sitter, perhaps he shouldn't be AG. You think?

But maybe the Democrats are thinking along the same lines. Maybe.

A Democrat familiar with the panel’s deliberations said that unless Mukasey is prepared to say that waterboarding is torture, he will not receive the 10 votes on the 19-member committee required for a favorable recommendation to the full Senate.