Monday, January 21, 2008

You call this a debate? (Liveblogging the Dem slugfest)

Ya know, La Hill's sniping at Obamarama really makes me dislike her. Yo, Hill. Shaddap already. He never said he was a fan of Reagan. He said Reagan was a "transformative figure" in American politics. Just a statement of fact, and what he's doing is no doubt trying to attract Republicans and independents. You yourself said you admired Reagan's communication skills. Enough already.

She got booed, too. Yikes!

Anyway, it's MLK Day and the Congressional Black Caucus is hosting a debate. Edwards is talking about subprime mortgages and proposing new laws to crack down on predatory lenders. "We need a national predatory lending law." He also wants to teach financial literacy. La Hill's moratorium on foreclosures sounds way weak.

Now for Barack, who says that America has "a history of preying on low-income people." He also supports laws against predatory lending and "access to financings."

Since I am not a homeowner, I admit I have not been following this issue.

Obama is responding to La Hill's claim that he repped a "slumlord." Then, he steers the topic over to the theme of "change."

La Hill says she regrets voting for the bankruptcy bill. Will she now say her vote to authorize war was a mistake.

I'm getting tired of La Hill going after Obamarama. Discuss the fucking issues, will you please?

I like Edwards and think he is a decent dude, but he makes me think of George McGovern. Which is not good. Too bad. He'd rawk as a running mate.

Obamarama is better at communicating than La Hill, alas. She just got booed AGAIN, as she talked about Obama's voting record as state senator.

State senator? Shit, she's reaching. Obama points out that the bill he voted "present" on was one he'd SPONSORED. His defense is greeted with applause. Oooooooops!

This campaign sure could use a truce.