Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More liveblogging

Yosemite, who hired illegal aliens for yard work, says illegals should go home.

Nobody's mentioned La Hill, Reagan, or George W. Bush thus far. It's just a matter of time, though.

Tomorrow Keith Olbermann has a special comment on FISA. I'm sure it's more inspiring than the GOP debate.

Then again, the commercial break is more inspiring than the GOP debate.

Yosemite doesn't blame Bush for the sorry state of the GOP. Yeah, he's hoping for the movement conservative vote.

I imagine Ron Paul is sitting there, thinking a third-party run is a really good idea. And Yosemite, meanwhile, is sniping at the Democratic candidates, accusing them of being more interested in leaving Iraq than in winning in Iraq. Which isn't true; they didn't say that. For one thing, Iraq is unwinnable. And Yosemite thinks a timetable for withdrawal is "offensive." Poor guy sounds unnerved, while McCain looks like Yosemite just farted in the seat next to him.

McCain says that in fact Yosemite did want a timetable. Gee, he sounds so principled, standing against an Iraq withdrawal. "Timetable" is a baaaaaad word to McCain. Nobody's cheering him as he spouts on and on about why timetables are bad.

Okay, now Yosemite's going to get miffed at McCain. "How is it you're the expert on MY position?" he snaps. Of course, McCain is proud to have supported Bush's Iraq misadventure, stating a withdrawal is a victory for al Qaeda (which had NO presence in Iraq before 2003).

Okay, now it's the Mitt vs. McCain spat. They're going to dig themselves into a hole with the Iraq argument. This will be fun.

Note to Yosemite: That tan? Is scary.

Meanwhile, that third-party run probably looks even better to Ron Paul.

"You want a withdrawal date!"

"No I don't!"

"You want a timeline!"

"No I don't!"

Makes you miss having Rudy in the race, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow is on Dan Abrams. Note to MSNBC: please give Ms. Maddow her own show.