Monday, January 28, 2008

Wow. The netroots won. Again, WOW!

The FISA bill, complete with retroactive immunity for telecoms, seems to have stalled in Congress yet again, thanks to Senator Dodd's filibuster. The netroots, led by Daily Kos, Firedoglake, and Glenn Greenwald, have been at the forefront trying to stop this bill.

Meanwhile, Kos is confused about something.

For all the talk of "freedom" that the Paulbots claim to believe in, they sure as heck have been silent on the horrible FISA bill we're fighting to fix in the Senate right now. Same for Ron Paul. Why the silence? And the CATO people and the libertarian publications like Reason, where are they?

Here we are engaged in a huge civil liberties issue, and progressives are being forced to fight this thing alone. It's easy to talk about "liberty". It's much more impressive to actually do something about it.

I've tried to give libertarians the benefit of the doubt. But given their numerous double standards on the concept of "freedom" and even libertarianism itself, I'm somehow not surprised that they're AWOL in this fight. Libertarianism--at least as expressed by the Reason/Cato/Lew Rockwell, seems to be more about free markets than free minds. And they don't seem to be pro-freedom, just anti-government.

Someone convince me otherwise. I've just browsed in Lew Rockwell's site too many times and been deeply dismayed about how batshit insane some of his columnists truly were. And to think, Kos has tried to promote the idea of the "libertarian Democrat." Dude, give it up. You don't need to join the kool kidz club to actually be cool. High school should've taught you that.