Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GOP liveblogging: Who's most clueless?

Poor Nancy Reagan. She looks like she'd crumble if you tapped her shoulder.

And now she's got to try and say hello to the yahoos of the 2008 slate.

Yosemite Mitt is talking about how he saved Massachusetts from financial ruin. He avoids the question of whether the USA is better off than they were 8 years ago. Of course he won't say no. Just says there were problems.

See? McCain says everything's just ducky. Despite the housing crisis and the coming recession and the stock market, uh, wait...some things need to be fixed.

"I think we are better off overall if we look at the entire 8-year period," McCain said. But still, "we've got to get our fiscal house in order." Dude, it's okay to raise your voice when you talk.

Finally, Huckabee says no we are not better off. Somewhere, a National Review editor is yelling at the TV screen.

They've all been caught in a trap, it seems. Can't wait for Ron Paul's response.

And, of course, McCain is the frontrunner. Huckabee's aiming to become the GOP John Edwards. Speaking of which, Edwards has dropped out of the race.

Ron says, "No, we're not better off." Too bad he's totally insane in so many ways, because this talk of how we need a humble foreign policy is right on. Ditto the declining standard of living the USA.

Uh oh! Yosemite is reminded of that "liberal" slur he tacked onto McCain. Isn't McCain a conservative? McCain voted against the Bush tax cut and co-authored McCain-Feingold. Uh, Yosemite? The vote against the tax cuts could be seen as a fiscally conservaative vote. Oh yeah, and he thinks McCain's immigration stance sucks. Yosemite adds that a guy who got an NYT endorsement is not a true conservative.

While Yosemite babbles, McCain looks like he's about to laugh in his face.

Dear Senator McCain: working with Lieberman (your ex-Dem buddy) is not "working across the aisle." Oh yay. Yosemite raised taxes.

"I'm not a liberal, you're a liberal!"

"No, you are!"

"No, you! You you you youuuu!"

I just remembered: at some point Duncan Hunter dropped out of the race and nobody noticed.

And now McCain touts his conservatism.

Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh! Now, Yosemite gets to respond to McCain's charges and it's La Hill/Obamarama all over again while Huckabee and Paul twiddle their thumbs.

Oh dear. McCain got some money amounts wrong. Ya know, Yosemite is an even worse speaker than McCain. McCain thinks he's whispering. Yosemite thinks he's at a shareholder's meeting.

And Yosemite touts his healthcare record. Except that is socialism and somewhere, another National Review editor is crying into his beer.

Huckabee responds to Limbaugh. He thinks Limbaugh is a great conservative voice. In other words, he's been mainlining Kool-Aid.

Sheesh. This whole debate is a case of "more conservative than thou."

Okay, now these guys are cutting hairs, talking fees, taxes, and the like. Yosemite goes back to his healthcare plan. Now, he's complaining about those welfare cheats who go the hospital to be treated for free in the emergency room. Yeah, I've always wanted to throw myself in front of a taxi so I can get a free stay at the hospital on the taxpayer's dime. How did someone this vapid and dumb get to be a governor?

What they're offering is a laundry list of right-wing cliches and frames. Blah blah blah free market blah blah taxes conservative blah blah blah.

Oh goody, McCain proposes nuclear power to fight global warming. Can you say "radioactive waste"?