Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain vs. Romney: Fear of TEH GAY!!!1!1!!

I told you the GOP slurs were getting stupid, didn't I?

Now John "Maverick? That must've been someone else" McCain has stooped to attacking Yosemite Mitt the old-fashioned way: gay baiting.

"Mitt Romney thinks he can fool us. He supported abortion on demand, even allowed a law mandating taxpayer-funding for abortion. He says he changed his mind, but he still hasn't changed the law. He told gay organizers in Massachusetts he would be a stronger advocate for special rights than even Ted Kennedy. Now, it's something different."

McCain's voting record on gay rights mirrors that of every other Republican: basically, he's against gay marriage, gays in the military, hate crimes legislation, you name it.

Note to the Log Cabin Republicans--if you even think of endorsing this guy, you've got a worse case of battered spouse syndrome than previously thought.

Meanwhile, wingnut talk show hosts still hate the guy, for reasons nobody can understand. McCain's as right wing as they are. What does he have to do to prove it--cozy up to President Bush and the Christian right? Oh, wait...