Monday, January 21, 2008

More liveblogging

Now, the discussion turns to healthcare. La Hill explains her healthcare plan would cover everyone--"It is a universal system." But it's not government-run. I have my doubts about this. Insurance companies would be required to cover everyone at "affordable rates." Again, I'm suspicious.

Folks? Free markets and healthcare don't mix. But I guess it's socialist to say that, eh?

Obamarama is up next. The universal healthcare plan wouldn't cover illegals. There are not enough resources, he says.

"The only way we're going to be able to overcome the insurance companies, the drug companies, and the HMOs is if we are having all the negotiations in a public setting," he said. No drawing up plans behind closed doors. Inform the American people.

At least there aren't any wires under anyone's jackets.

Edwards claims that his rivals took money from drug/insurance companies. Obamarama denies this.

"The problem is not that people are trying to avoid getting healthcare," Obamarama says. "The problem is they can't afford it."

I wish some wingnut would insult one of the candidates, thereby generating fun new fundraising opportunities for the Democratic 2008 slate.

Edwards believes that "there is not a single man, woman, or child who is not worthy of healthcare."

La Hill is simply not a galvanizing speaker. And she throws in another dig at Obamarama. At least she wasn't booed this time. I think the only thing more distasteful is an Amy Winehouse death pool Web site, where you can win an iPod if you can guess when Winehouse kicks the bucket.

Hillary says she'll bring the troops home within 60 days of becoming president. "There is no military solution" to the war in Iraq, she claims. She thinks that troop withdrawal will force Iraqis to shape up. Actually, I think that a troop withdrawal will enable the Iraqis to work things out among themselves. The US is an occupying force at this point.

I'm glad Edwards is avoiding all mudslinging, but I still give props to Obama for answering La Hill.

Of course, Edwards will also pull troops out of Iraq.

Obama says he wants "to be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in." But he wants a fast withdrawal. And he points out that the money being spent in Iraq could be spent here in the US. Finally, he mentions McCain's suggestion that the US could be in Iraq for 50 years. How about attacking McCain and Yosemite Mitt instead of each other, guys?

Obama also says al Qaeda is the strongest its been since 2001. Go, Obama!

La Hill's voice is getting hoarse. She's talking about Dubya's plans for a permanent US presence in Iraq. She calls Iraq a "failed policy."

So, was your vote a mistake, Senator Clinton?

Yay. There's a commercial break.