Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dolly Parton goes DIY

Yeah, I love seeing established musical stars go the indie route as much as anyone else. Take Dolly Parton, who's releasing her new album, Backwoods Barbie on her own indie label.

Why did Dolly decide to go the indie route? Well, because the music industry sucks and is more concerned with releasing crappy paint-by-numbers records by people whose voices are clearly pitch-shifted and processed until listeners are convinced they can sing. Oh yeah, and veteran artists who are, like, national institutions can't get their music on the radio, because radio programmers suck as much as major labels.

Okay, those weren't Dolly's exact words. Dolly's exact words were this:

"When new country came along several years back, most artists my age got shoved off to the side, no matter how talented they might still be," she said. "I tried a few country albums after that, but to no avail and no chart play.
"In between I did continue to write. I recorded a few favorite things, 2-3 bluegrass CDs, a patriotic CD, but none of that sold very well except out of the trunk of my car!

"Then I watched all the success being enjoyed by other artists, old and young, with all the new technology and all the different ways of marketing their product [and] I thought, "Well, I'm as good as I ever was if I was any good, so I'm going for it.'
"I put it on my own label because many of the majors really didn't want me, as I mentioned, because of age, thinking I was over. But I felt different about that. I figured major labels are pretty much a thing of the past anyway, kind of like they thought I was.

"The way music is being played today, why not make all the money if there's any money to be made. I'd rather have all of something than some of nothing."

Expect to see more artists doing what Dolly's doing as the industry continues to implode.