Monday, July 16, 2007

What part of "enough, already" don't these guys understand?

Well, it looks like the main players in Situation FUBAR can't keep their stories straight. Al-Maliki says America is free to leave any time. Lee Hamilton disagrees.

"There is no chance that the Iraqi forces could take over at any time, or certainly by the first of the year," Hamilton said in a nationally broadcast interview. "All of the support efforts, logistical and medical and so forth, they are not close to being able to meet," Hamilton said.

"The most important is inclusivity," he added. "That is making sure that you include all elements of Iraqi society in the government," he said. "They're not close at all. The president gave them a satisfactory rating. But all they've done is create a committee" to work on a host of legislative issues aimed at completing the transition from the Saddam Hussein era.

"I am extremely doubtful about it. He's had quite a bit of time now. He's known exactly what he's had to do. He hasn't done it. His rhetoric is pretty good. His performance is pretty bad."

Not that Dubya cares. After all, he dismissed that Iraq Study Group report that Daddy was so nice to help put together as "a flaming turd." Oh yeah, and he's responded to Lugar and Warner's proposals with a firm, decisive "Lalalalalalalalalala I can't hear you!"

This idiot will not. change. his. mind. Note to anyone represented by a Republican in the Senate: Regardless of whether you voted for this person, you really need to hold his/her feet to the fire and let him/her know that enough is enough. With sixty votes, Senate can get lots of good things maybe even stopping this lunacy.