Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gee, nice going, governor

Governor Elliot Spitzer's been in office only seven months and he already has a stupid scandal that could've been avoided. This stems from his feud with Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. At one point, Bruno accused Spitzer of spying on him. Now, it turns out there may be some truth to his claims.

Turns out two of Spitzer's aides, Darren Dopp and Richard Baum, were collaborating with the superintendent of state police to investigate Bruno's possible misuse of state aircraft to attend GOP fundraisers. And they were planning to leak this information to the media.

Can you say "blatant political partisanship that you'd normally expect of the GOP"? I knew you could!

Anyway, the good guy in this mess is a Democrat: specifically state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Dopp and Baum, however, refuse to testify under oath.

Newsday has excellent coverage (as always). The Albany Project also has been following the Elliot Mess, as the NYC tabloids call it.

Already, there's one apologist claiming, "Mistakes made out of frustration and desire for real change led to Spitzer's recent slip but lets remember why there is frustration and why NOW is our first chance in 40 years to change our state."

Well, it would be nice if these "slips" weren't outright partisan hit jobs. When Spitzer took office, I think a lot of people counted on him to be better than this. Count me as someone hoped Spitzer would be a rockin' governor and is now totally dismayed to hear pundits and politicians and editorial writers all asking, "What did the governor know and when did he know it?"