Tuesday, July 17, 2007

None of the Above in 2008! Woo-hoo!

Although Rudy, McCain, and Yosemite Mitt are tripping over each other on the way to the GOP nomination, Republicans themselves are unimpressed with them. Gee, why could that be? Are GOP dog lovers appalled at Mitt? Are the Christian righties wary of Rudy (what? after that photo op with Santorum?)? Do they think McCain is just too darn old for the job? Do they wish Fred Thompson had remained on "Law and Order"? Who knows?

Among the legions of undecided Republicans is Barbara Skogman, 72, a retired legal assistant from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She isn't at all excited about any of the prospects. At one point, she favored McCain. At another, she was open to Giuliani. Now, she's leaning slightly toward Romney but says she's far from sold on him.

"I'm looking for a strong, honest person. Do you know of any?" she joked. She had an easy time detailing why she was queasy about each of the most serious contenders. "Isn't that sad?" Then she reached a conclusion: "I just don't know."

Strong and honest. I take it she didn't vote for Bush, either.

Meanwhile, Jim Gilmore (huh? who's that?) has dropped out of the race.