Thursday, November 02, 2006

Won't Tom DeLay just do us all a favor and get lost?

Apparently not. Thankfully, his former constituents weren't subjected to his latest jackassery. No, he came to Nassau community college. I just love the headline for the article: "DeLay promotes his vision." Talk about jokes writing themselves...

This part wasn't so funny, however:

"I don't think water boarding is torture," DeLay said. "My definition of torture is you physically harm someone by cutting them, by cutting their fingers, sticking things in their eyes, sticking their fingers in electric sockets. Water boarding is a frightening experience. But the person does not have physical damage."

And to think, he couldn't get off the GOP ballot in his district, and now it looks like Democrat could take his place soon. Stinky, isn't it?

(Via Juanita's.