Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Whoot whoot whoot!

The results of all this electoral hand-wringing thus far:

La Hill is still a senator. Gee, who didn't see that one coming?

Bob Menendez is also still a senator.

Socialist Bernie Sanders has gone from congressman to senator. Yes, you heard that correctly. A socialist in the Senate. Somewhere in Wingnutville, someone's brain is exploding.

Li'l Ricky Santorum is, alas, no longer a senator. Oh well, maybe he can get a job as a commentator on Fox News.

Mike DeWine is also no longer a senator.

New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio now have Democratic governors.

Polls in New York closed about half and hour ago. More results will be coming in as the night goes on.

I've been wringing my hands all day, but right now I'm pretty happy.

Exit Li'l Ricky. Enter a socialist senator. 2004 seems like a century ago.

Update: NBC projects that Ben Cardin will become Maryland's next senator, replacing Paul Sarbanes. In other words, this seat stays blue.

Second update: CNN projects Whitehouse as the winner in the Rhode Island Senate race.

Third update: Nancy Johnson, 24-year Republican congresswoman, has lost to Chris Murphy. I'm hoping that Chris Shays joins Johnson in retirement soon.

Fourth update: The Democrats have won 129 seats; the Republicans have won 118. Meanwhile, Kerry's making a speech following Ted Kennedy's (hardly surprising) campaign victory. He seems to have a sore throat, but at least he hasn't put his foot in his mouth. Massachusetts has elected its first African-American governor, and is first Dem governor in what seems like forever. C'mon, can't Kerry sound more enthusiastic?

Fifth update: Democrats are up to 144 house seats, compared to Republicans' 124, per CNN. Six more seats, and the House is ours. Say, what's happening in Tom DeLay's old district? Did Lampson win?

Sixth update: Just one more vote and we have a Democratic House! Okay, now the suspense is really killing me!