Sunday, November 05, 2006

Prog Blog time!

For today's prog blog, we revisit the wild, anything-goes spirit of late-sixties/early-seventies Germany. Here's the incomparable, ever-morphing, ever-restless German commune dwellers who became known to the world as Amon Duul II:

This is ADII performing "Eye-Shaking King" from the Yeti album. Missing in action here is the band's vocalist, Renate Knaup. She took a brief hiatus from the group and doesn't appear on their Tanz der Lemmings album. I've tried to find a clip featuring Miz Knaup, but for now, this will do. Looks like Chris Karrer handles the vocals for this one.

Below is the legendary Can performing "Paperhouse" from Tago Mago. From the looks of things, they're on the German program "Beat Club."