Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Miscellaneous News Monday...

...And I'm probably one of three people who doesn't care about Michael Richards. I'd already heard rumors that the guy was an asshat, so I wasn't too surprised by this meltdown. Maybe he and Mel Gibson could collaborate on a comedy about two politically incorrect grumps. Sounds like box office gold, doesn't it?

Remember Richard Adelman? The loyal Bush foot soldier who kept his mouth shut for so long out of, erm, "loyalty" (read: the desire not to look stupid)? USA Today quotes Mr. Adelman in a piece on embarassed neocons trying to distance themselves from the Iraq debacle.

Okay, so the good guys don't always win. Jean Schmidt still has a job to go back to. You have to wonder what color the sky is in Ohio's district 2...

The Happy Feminist weighs in on the best analysis of Girls Gone Wild and similar raunch culture I've read in a long time. No, disliking Girls Gone Wild does not make you a prude. No, feminists do not have a problem with nudity or raunch per se. The problem is misogyny, not nude girls. As I've mentioned before, I work on X-rated books for a living, and they're books written by and for women. NOT the same thing. I still think the answer to crappy, woman-hating porn is porn that doesn't degrade women or show sex as filthy and icky. But men as well as women seem to have a really skewed idea of sex. Hence Hustler and Girls Gone Wild.