Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super-duper white-knuckle primary time!

Who ever knew a political primary could be so thrilling? The GOP primary is a lackluster affair, because everyone knows the result--Whatshisname will get almost all the votes, while Whatchamacallit from Arkansas sticks it out and, say, is that libertarian dude still in the race? Nobody's heard a thing about him. And Yosemite Mitt is awfully quiet, too. Why isn't he encouraging his fellow conservatives (please don't laugh) to vote for McCain? Probably because as soon as McCain inevitably wins a bunch of primaries (like he wouldn't? who else is there?), Bush will endorse him.

And won't it be neat to have Bush campaign for McCain? Please, please, Senator McCain, start giving the preznit huggy-wuggys on the campaign trail! It'll be perfect for DNC ads your conservative credentials!

Anyway, Obama seems to be a lock in Texas and Vermont. Hillary, is there any part of "bow out gracefully" you haven't figured out yet?