Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dispatches from Planet YOWTCH!

Man, this is even harsher than when Mr. Gay Penguins accused his fellow wingnuts of behaving like liberals.

John McCain increasingly is looking like the hapless Hubert H. Humphrey of 1968. Captive to his own partisan support for a disastrous war; too timid to stake out an agenda for change; passively permitting an unpopular president to embrace him as heir; squandering what little was left of his good repute in shabby political maneuvering. It's Humphrey all over again. McCain is busy tying a dead weight around his shoulders that he imagines is the mantle of the presidency. The endorsement today by Bush went a long way toward sealing his fate.

Maybe Dubya will hit the campaign trail to convince people that the Iraq war is going swimmingly. After all, as McCain has said, he'll lose if people believe otherwise.

Feh. I always thought that John McCain was overrated.