Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh, Pat, shut up

Professional stupid white person Pat Buchanan is now on Hardball, whining about Jeremiah Wright in the aftermath of the Obama speech. Buchanan sounds like a whiny little crybaby while Joe Madison is playing the role of grownup and trying to avoid saying "Yes, dear, but..."

Madison is taking Buchanan to the cleaners and saying that if Pat is so offended, "don't join Jeremiah's church."

All I can say is this: my church wasn't as interesting as Jeremiah Wright's. I guess it comes from being Episcopalian.

Oooooooops. Did I just say something anti-clerical and un-American?

I do remember my Sunday school teacher singing us really goofy religious songs. ("Give me wax on my board, keep me surfing for the Lord.") Good thing I'm not a politician, because with my religious background, people might think I'm a boring flake.