Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Somewhere, Molly Ivins is smiling

And Karl Rove's brain is exploding.

Lone Star Liberals Are Back is the title of the op-ed piece from Mimi Swartz and it's all about how the GOP looks to lose Texas just as they're gradually losing Kansas.

As Hillary Clinton has learned, the Texas of today is a very different place from the one that elected Ann Richards and George Bush. We have also given more sons to an unpopular war than any other state, while here at home, life just isn’t that much better than it was back in 1994, when the Republicans made so many promises.

My guess is that after more than a decade of Republican rule, we’ll discover that Texans are ready to give those crazy Democrats another chance.

There's more fun at Kiss My Big Blue Butt, where one lady unlucky enough to have Tom DeLay as a congressman is now dancing on air and pointing readers in the direction of a Nation article that seems to echo Mimi Swartz's sentiments.

I'm heading to Austin with Le Sweetie next week for five days of music and fun at South by Southwest. Austin's your basic liberal college town and perhaps the mood will be merrier this year.