Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stuff it, Hillary

Up until a few weeks ago, I thought La Hill and Obama were both fine candidates, and I couldn't choose between one or the other. Gradually, I came to prefer Obama. Maybe it was Bush/Clinton fatigue. Or maybe because I think Obama would be better able to win votes from independents and even some Republicans. I wasn't against La Hill, but she wasn't my ideal candidate.

Now? The longer she stays on the campaign trail and the more she starts to channel Karl Rove in her stupid scare tactics, the more disenchanted I become. Forget all the blathering about this supposed back-and-forth between Clinton and Obama. The bulk of the mud is flung by the Clinton camp, what with that stupid "3 AM" commercial (starring a little girl who grew up to be an Obama supporter!) or La Hill's tut-tutting over Reverend Wright. As for Team Obama, Samantha Power was the exception that proved the rule--and she was canned.

Now a bunch of zillionaires are trying to strongarm Nancy Pelosi. Why? Because she thinks superdelegates should--gasp--follow the will of the voters! Pelosi thinks democracy is a great idea! Imagine that!

Hillary's going to lose supporters if she keeps this up. She should bow out, if not for the party, then for her own dignity.