Monday, May 12, 2008

Ralph Nader must be green with envy

Yes, it looks like Bob Barr is going to take the third-party spoiler crown from Ralphie boy. The accompanying FDL link includes amusing footage of Sean Hannity blowing a gasket on Faux News.

Breibart's comments section is full of fed up conservatives. Like this guy:

There are many, many, MANY conservatives who are very unhappy with LIBERAL McCain. Barr provides an avenue for those of us who do not want a liberal in the White House. I believe Barr will do extremely well with the base, well enough even to capture the popular vote. If Barr performs well in the debates it will be a close race.

Not just Liberal McCain. LIBERAL McCain. There are people who really feel this way, and now it's okay to have fun at their expense.