Saturday, May 10, 2008

More dispatches from Planet IOKIYAR

Rep. Peter King (R-Lawn Guyland) is now defending his li'l buddy Vito Fosella against the meanies who want him to resign. From Newsday:

King said Republicans "who are supposed to be his friends" should be giving the Staten Island-Brooklyn Republican "the time and opportunity to make that decision" -- whether to resign, to serve out his term but leave afterward or to stay in office and seek another term -- "himself."

That's really noble of you, Congressman. That reminds me--how did King react when Eliot Spitzer was caught in the prostitution ring? Funny you should ask.

“He has to step down. No one will stand with him,” said Rep. Peter King, a Republican congressman from Long Island. “I never try to take advantage or gloat over a personal tragedy. However, this is different. This is a guy who is so self-righteous, and so unforgiving.”

Self-righteous and unforgiving. Kinda sounds like that GOP party line that Vito Fosella was so fond of toeing, isn't it?