Monday, January 15, 2007

Yeah! That's the ticket!

Norbizness suggests that everyone's favorite bogus political party outsiders form their own party. The outsiders in question being John "I'm a team player, I really am! Vote for me!" McCain and Joe "The Dem it's okay for wingnuts to like" Lieberman.

It's about high time that we had a viable third party to supplement the tired-ass binary system we've got going now. Thank God several prominent Senators are applying for this splinter from the Republican Party, if only they could settle on a name: Extremely Silly, Raving Loony, Church of the Most Exalted and Infallible President Bush.

Alas, Raving Loony Party name was taken years ago by the late, great Screaming Lord Sutch. Actually, it is known as the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Maybe Extremely Silly or Bush Sycophant Party would be good names. Mary Matalin could be a party secretary, as shilling for Bush seems to be the one thing she's exceptionally good at--that and trading on the fact that she's a Republican married to a Clintonista.

Anyway, back to our so-called "mavericks." They're mavericks only in the sense that they reject the majority opinion regarding Situation FUBAR. Alas, the majority opinion on Situation FUBAR is rooted in common sense, and not Fox News. See how hard it is to be a maverick in today's political climate?