Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tom DeLay, Loser

No, he hasn't started wearing a bright orange jumpsuit yet. But never fear. Tom DeLay is still out there demonstrating to the world what a loser he is. And what better way to do so than trying to reposition himself as a principled right-winger a la Limbaugh? You may remember Limbaugh basically admitted that he never enjoyed carrying water for the GOP assclowns who recently got dumped. Now, he's pretending to be an underdog. Meanwhile, Tommy Boy is trying to make everyone forget what a scuzzball he is over at his ghostwritten blog, which is taking votes for the Most Ridiculous Liberal of 2006. Sadly, DeLay's Democratic replacement, Nick Lampson, is not a nominee.

But wait! It gets better! To offset his legal expenses offer a beacon of light for the conservative movement, Tom DeLay has written a book titled No Retreat, No Surrender. Raw Story reports on fighting at DeLay's publisher over the book cover and the fact that the book even exists. DeLay's editor is, to make a long story short, a total wingnut, and her colleagues are appalled that a known scumbag like DeLay even got a book contract. That doesn't stop Kiss My Big Blue Butt from having a few giggles at his expense: "Face it, Tom doesn't have that many fans who can read, so it doesn't matter what's inside."