Saturday, January 20, 2007

It's Presidentified Senator Season!

La Hill has announced she's running for president. C'mon, who didn't see that one coming? She might as well have worn a "Hillary in 2008 2006" campaign T-shirt.

Christopher Dodd has announced, too. I know what you're thinking: Who? WHO?!?!? He's the senator from Connecticut who isn't Joe Lieberman.

Barack, of course, has announced, and the wingnutocracy is already making a big deal out of the fact that his surname reminds people of that evil guy who's behind 9/11. Oh yeah, and Barack's middle name is Hussein. The wingnutocracy is all over that like flies on manure. Note to wingnutocracy: is this the best you ass-clowns can do?

Joe Biden hasn't formally announced yet (I don't think). And hopefully he won't. Joe, don't do it. And while you're at it...SHUT UP!

John McCain is no doubt arranging a hugfest with Dobson and Falwell even as I type this. The Straight Talk Express has been permanently derailed, folks.

Sam Brownback is supposedly announcing his 2008 run today. Yes, there's a candidate out there that makes George W. Bush look like a bleeding-heart liberal.

It's a terrible shame that Bill Frist decided against running. A primary with Frist and McCain facing off would have been hella fun.