Thursday, January 04, 2007

Aw, no! Just no!

Mr. President, believe me, searching through my mail is a waste of time. What'll you find in my mail? Uh...well...mail from Planned Parenthood, NRDC, the Democratic National Committee (and related groups), NOW, Heifer International, and the ACLU. Trust me, none of that mail is or will ever be of any interest to you. Expecially not the DNC mailings. You don't really want to read that stuff. it's all mass mailings addressed to "Dear Friend/Defender of Wildlife/Fellow American."

Note to the New York Daily News: NOW do you get it? The Preznit fancies himself as Big Brother. He appointed himself Official Busybody during winter recess, when he signed this neat new postal reform bill into law. Will you please stop cheerleading the Iraq war long enough to figure out that he wants to feed the Constitution to a paper shredder? Pretty please?

Drifting the Grift offers his opinion.