Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh, HELL no

McCain reminds everyone of how he suspended his campaign in a display of political grandstanding serious effort to aid with the bailout. Uh, Senator? That was basically a PR disaster for you.

Someone bring up Phil Gramm. Please. McCain is trying his whole faux maverick schtick. Sure, it's about as authentic as Naugahyde. He's calling Fannie and Freddie "the match that started this forest fire." Which automatically reminds me of a lame Billy Joel song.

"I've got to correct a little of McCain's history, not surprisingly." MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Once again, it's up to the grown ups (Obama and Biden) to let everyone know that just because Little Johnny and Little Precious Princess Palin pretend they're mavericks, this doesn't mean that they really are mavericks.

Some people should stick to playing house, ya know what I'm saying?