Friday, November 02, 2007

The strange end of red-state America

A Kossack reports that the preznit's approval rating has finally dipped below the 50 percent mark in America's last red-state holdout, Utah.

Bush Derangement Syndrome in Mormon country! Run for your lives! And dig that shade of dull gray in Cheney's home state, too.

Meanwhile, one useless wingnut responded to John Cole's recent party switcheroo by posting Cole's personal information at his blog. Shades of Graeme Frost and family. How long do you suppose it'll be before Stalkin' Malkin schleps off to West Virginia to manufacture controversies about Mr. Cole?

"Is that the only trick Rightards know?" asks FDL's TRex. The answer, alas, is yes. Malkin, after all, ran off stomping her feet when the grownups challenged her to a debate and so humiliated herself that she made Newsweek's Conventional Wisdom Watch.

Really, the best response to these right-wing assclowns is a simple "Grow the fuck up."