Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Republican of conscience jumps ship

For years, John Cole has been a lone voice in--well, not the wilderness, but rather a messy backyard of broken toys, smeared baby food, and poopy diapers. (That's the best analogy of the wingnutosphere I could come up with.) A Republican who had no use for the movement conservatives or the Coulter Republicans, and whose disgust became more apparent with each post. Then again, he always sounded more like a center-right kinda guy than Kool-Aid-guzzling movement conservative.

Not anymore. For one thing, Cole is no longer a Republican. In fact, he's changed his voter registration to Democrat. The wingnutosphere will snarl, but it's clear that Cole didn't leave the GOP. The GOP left him. He joins John Eisenhower and Lincoln Chafee among those ex-Republicans who came to realize that the party had no room for them or anyone else with a grip on the real world.

Welcome aboard, dude.