Monday, November 26, 2007

Gym-related rant

After work, I go to the local YMCA for the obligatory calorie-burning. This is fun. I have to find a locker first. This is not so fun. Why? Because of people who don't bring locks to the locker room, that's why. The YMCA after work is a madhouse, and nothing invokes the chorus of "They're Coming To Take Away Haa Haaaaa!" quite like opening a locker door and finding someone's stuff in there. Come on, you dimwits. Get. A. Lock. For. Your. Stuff. You are lucky most of your fellow gym goers are nice people who won't steal anything. Seriously, it's a pain in the ass and totally unfair to other people looking for empty lockers.

The YMCA people advise everyone to get locks. Locks are your friends. Dig?

In other news, the subway had signal problems, so I had to take the bus home and then walk. This is not my lucky day.