Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sometimes, the jokes write themselves

The headline: "'America's mayor' praises Bush in state GOP speech". Back in 2006, all the GOP candidates were trying to keep a safe distance from Dubya (fat lot of good that did). Not Rudy Giuliani. Not only is he proudly assuming the mantle of a loyal 30 percenter, he's trying to out-Bush Bush in the God soundbyte department.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, arguing that America is in desperate need of a Ronald Reagan-style optimistic vision, told California Republicans on Saturday that he wants to be a president who will "win the world for a set of ideas ... that I believe come from God."

Oh, please! Rudy, everyone remembers you as mayor here in New York. You never talked about God in the entire 8 years you ran this city. The closest you came to that old-time religion talk was when you went bonkers over a portrait of the Virgin Mary covered with elephant poop. Since when did you start mentioning the "G" word as a way of gaining political brownie points?

In his 45-minute address and in remarks to reporters afterward, Giuliani lavished praise on President Bush, insisting Bush will have "a very strong place in history," in part because of his "very brave and very wise" decision to go after al Qaeda in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"We are very fortunate to have President Bush," Giuliani told the Republican delegates. "Presidents ... have to make decisions and move the country forward, and that's the kind of president I would like to be."

Rudy, maybe you should ask the Preznit why he didn't STAY in Afghanistan to capture the guy who attacked your city. And maybe you could name one example of Bush moving the country forward.

I guess we can call this McCain's Disease: a psychological disorder marked by the sudden, irrational compulsion to invoke the name of an unpopular, unsuccessful president with no major accomplishments and quite a few foreign and domestic policy disasters under his belt. It is known to afflict even relatively moderate Republicans (like Rudy). Symptoms include a craving for power and status at all costs--even principle and dignity; a willingness to say and do anything to gain acceptance of one's ideological enemies (i.e., the religious right); a sudden loss of assertiveness; and a lack of independent thought. Maybe someone should contact the American Psychological Association about making some changes to the DSM.