Friday, February 09, 2007

Commutes from hell redux

Broken Rail, Broken Subway Commute is the title of the Gothamist's latest post on yesterday's N/W line debacle. And whoopity doo--even The New York Times is reporting on it. And they're so poetic, too.

The beating of a butterfly’s wings, it is said, can lead to a hurricane an ocean away. And a break in a Manhattan subway rail, though it may lack poetry, can really foul up the morning trip to work in Brooklyn and Queens.

Mm I being really bitchy about this commute from hell? I mean, between this and last summer's blackout, it seems that Queens--or my neighborhood, at least--has gotten the short end of the stick. How about upgrading the electricity and the N/W lines? I'm getting sick to death of "track work" every other weekend...and I'm sure that plenty of 7 train riders feel the same way.