Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election night liveblog

The suspense is killing me. Thus far, Obama leads in electoral votes. He's projected to win New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. In a word, OW for McCain.

On CNN, they are reporting from Chicago and Phoenix, AZ. The gathered Democrats are all happy and enthusiastic and they are waving flags left and right. The Republicans in Phoenix are pretty somber. They have a boys' choir performing. Can't they get Charlie Daniels, at the very least.

Le Sweetie is very happy that McCain lost Pennsylvania. "He busted his ass there and he got his butt kicked!"

Hagan won North Carolina, which means soon-to-be former Senator Liddy Dole will have time to appear in Viagra commercials with Bob.

John Sununu lost in New Hampshire; Jean Shaheen is the new senator.

Mark Warner won in Virginia.

That's 3 Senate seats for Democrats.