Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Cokie kerfluffle continued

William K. Wolfrum weighs in at World of Golf:

Yes, Obama can’t help but look like a high-flying elitist by spending his vacation in Hawaii, regardless of the fact that he was born there and that his grandmother lives there. And the fact that, you know, Hawaii is one of the 50 states.

When real Americans take vacations, they go to Myrtle Beach. That’s why we’d like to let the Obama Campaign know about MyrtleBeachGolf.com. There they can find amazing deals throughout the Grand Strand that combine luxurious (but not elite) lodging, as well as opportunities to play golf on some of the most impressive golf courses in the non-elite Continental U.S.

And while they are making arrangements to send Sen. Obama to Myrtle Beach, they need to get him to switch sports. Basketball is for elites, after all. Real Americans, and real American Presidents play golf. In Myrtle Beach.

Via some foreign newspaper (okay, it's the Honolulu Advertiser.)