Thursday, April 17, 2008

Memo to future debate moderators and other Beltway morons

Here is a list of other things voters don't care about:

Reverend Wright and whether or not he loves America
Flag pins (or lack thereof)
Which senator is more patriotic (They're all serving in elected office. You think they'd bother to run of they really hate America?)
Whether or not Obama knows a former '60s radical and/or served with him on a charitable board
Whether or not Obama's dad is/was a Muslim
Whether or not Obama himself is/was a Muslim
Whether or not Obama's neighbor's co-worker's friend was a Black Panther
Whether or not Obama has ever bumped into a member of the Nation of Islam
Whether or not Obama ever shook hands with Suge Knight or any other gangsta rap impresario

Really, voters don't care about those '60s radicals, mouthy preachers, and scary black people you like to talk about. They really are nowhere near as scary as the current administration or the batshit crazy neocon/theofascist cabal that's mishandled this country for the past seven years. If you're trying to frighten people away or detract from stuff that, like, matters, you really are not doing a very good job of it.