Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life. Don't talk to me about life

I've been packing for the big move. This has involved dragging lots of boxes back to la casa and selling off a couple of bookcases. I've been way too busy to follow the "big" Pennsylvania primary. Mostly, I consider myself fortunate to live in one of those states that voted in the big Super Tuesday primary.

La Hill's win was to be expected tonight. Bit this is one of those win-the-battle-lose-the-war moments. From the LA Times:

Even with the Pennsylvania win, Clinton still trails by nearly every measure: the popular vote, the number of states won, the delegates captured so far in primaries and caucuses. Obama also has narrowed Clinton's once-formidable lead in superdelegates to roughly two dozen.

Clinton faces "an uphill climb," said political scientist Quin Monson of Brigham Young University, because she must urge superdelegates to support her even though Obama remains ahead by those key measures.

"The best money is still that this just forestalls her exit from the race and draws out the nomination fight longer," Monson said.

Indiana and North Carolina are still to come, and Obama seems to be a lock to win the NC primary.

So far, La Hill won with 54 percent to Obama's 46 percent. Which still doesn't sound that hot.