Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh dear. Wingnuts foiled again

A judge blocked the ban on funding for ACORN. At least one of the yellow elephants young conservatives involved in the sting on ACORN isn't going to be happy.

One commenter on this case sums up my feelings exactly:

ACORN has the misfortune of being an organization with extremely worthwhile goals (even if they do upset the rich folks bankrolling Faux News) and yet filled with associates that apparently don't take their role as ethical exemplars seriously and as a result end up besmirching the organization as a whole. Even if the right-wing operatives that want to strip ACORN of its ability to fulfill its mission use extremely underhanded tactics, ACORN itself can only survive by sticking to the highest levels of ethical conduct. It's clearly an indictment of their organization that the leadership cannot communicate this fact to its staff. However, the legions of inner-city poor who have benefited from their works shouldn't have to pay the price for the stupidity of a few staffers. ACORN leadership should step down and replace itself with professional managers who can rehabilitate the organization so it can accomplish its very worthwhile goals of ensuring democracy, freedom, and opportunity for all.