Saturday, December 12, 2009

Assorted reading

Farnsworth sums up my feelings on Afghanistan.

I hate to see Obama pouring even more military and money into that rathole. But at this point I don't know what else can be done--there's no easy solution now. We've stepped into another lake of quicksand...

Hey, how could've I have missed a band with a great name like Salad? I thought I was a '90s music hipster. Sigh...

I have nothing to say on Tiger Woods, except that professional athletes sleeping with bimbos is hardly front page news. Oh, and golf is boring.

Via BlueGal, we have Andy Mckenna, former head of the Illinois GOP, who thinks Illinois' minimum wage ($8.00/hour) is too high. Mr. Mckenna missed his calling. He should be writing for the Onion.

President Obama says banks don't get it re financial reform. Uh, Mr. President? You do remember you've got Geithner and Summers in your cabinet, right? These aren't exactly reform-minded guys.