Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some people never learn

Them Beltway folks sure is silly. I mean, there's clueless, and then there's clueless. From WaPo:

With a black first family in the White House and a diverse group of appointees and Cabinet nominees, the all-white dinner party feels all wrong. Certain hosts are suddenly grappling with a new reality: They need some black friends. Overnight, black politicians, lawyers and journalists are hot properties, receiving engraved invitations from people they never got invitations from before.

Blacks have gone from barely being on the list to being in charge of the list.

"Everyone knows that his campaign was about inclusion," Jarrett said. "We would expect that spirit of inclusion to also reflect on Washington's social scene."

They finally realized that the young black kids with the hors d'œuvre trays don't count, eh?

This has been another edition of The Beltway Is Totally Out of Touch.

Via Booman Tribune.