Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, boo hoo

Alberto Gonzales isn't the only Bush staffer who can't get hired. Via WaPo:

As President-elect Barack Obama's team transitions into the federal government tomorrow, President Bush's political appointees will be locked out, and in these tough economic times many of them are scrambling to find new jobs. High-ranking White House loyalists have deluged Washington headhunters with pleas for jobs. Corporations and nonprofit organizations have stopped hiring. With the GOP out of power, jobs on Capitol Hill are scant and K Street lobbying firms have trimmed their golden parachutes.

So this is the new reality: Instead of boasting to friends and colleagues of new jobs in goodbye e-mails, many longtime Bush aides have offered home phone numbers and Gmail and Yahoo e-mail addresses as their new contacts.

"For Republicans, the inn is full," lamented veteran GOP operative Ron Kaufman, a close White House adviser to former president George H.W. Bush and an executive at Dutko Worldwide. "You have lots of folks in the House and Senate on the streets and 3,000 administration appointees on the streets at a time when the job market is shrinking anyways. It's just not a fun time."

The crappy job market is the worst of their worries, though WaPo won't acknowledge this. That said, where are the rich benefactors of the farright, the ones funneling their inherited billions into wingnut-welfare think tanks? Where is the Heritage Foundation? Where are the American Enterprise Institute, the Independent Women's Forum, the Hoover Institution? Wingnuts look after their own, yes? Won't some of them offer jobs to these otherwise-unemployable Bush dead-enders?

Via Bazzfazz.