Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just when you're getting into the holiday spirit...

...along comes James Pinkerton, the dumbest editorial columnist this side of Jonah Goldberg. Pinkerton, it seems, was hired to fill a Kool-Aid drinker quota at Newsday. Before Election Day, he was predicting that La Hill's ambiguous stance on licenses for illegal immigrants could sink her in 2008. Two days later, after the elections, it seemed that illegal immigration really wasn't the hot rod issue Pinkerton's and his GOP buddies thought it would be.


I mean, this guy is just fucking stupid. Recently, he's been channeling other people. Like German military generals. And now, the mayor of New York City.

He really needs to give this up.

Could the Democratic nomination really go to Barack Obama - you know, middle name Hussein?

And could the Republican nomination really go to Mike Huckleberry? I mean Huck Finn; I mean Huckabee. Whatever.

Woo hoo! Awesome parroting of wingnut cliches, dude! Islamophobia and class hatred in one fell swoop!

Pinkerton should consider scrapping this pundit gig and opening his own psychic hotline. It would enhance his credibility.