Sunday, June 06, 2010

Crybaby conservative alert!

"After the last eight years, it’s good to have a president that knows what a library is."

That's Sir Paul McCartney, after accepting a prize from President Obama. All of a sudden, the wingnutosphere remembered that insulting the president (specifically, the one before Obama) is ANTI-AMEHRIKIN!

This is very amusing, given that right wingers have been trying to forget GWB even existed since, I dunno, 2007. They even kept him away from the 2008 Republican convention. After all, Bush-bashing had become a universal past-time, indulged in by everyone from comedy writers to Mayans.

Now, all of a sudden, in a sudden rush of 2003-style faux outrage, right-wing politicians and pundits are mad at McCartney. John Boehner whined to Human Events about it (and lots of commenters joined in the whining). Human Events reporter Connie Hair tried to buff GWB's scholarly credentials by pointing out his Harvard MBA (thank heaven for legacy admissions, eh, Connie?).

It's really important to give these crybaby conservatives a reality check--because, seriously, these people couldn't kidnap a clue at gunpoint. From Salon:

It is practically universally acknowledged by objective observers, and by many right-wing admirers of the former president, that George W. Bush is, to put it charitably, intellectually incurious. Being an unintellectual regular-guy was part of his political appeal.

Hippie '60s musician Paul McCartney, whose famous band championed a number of left-wing radical causes, made a joke about how he was glad to have a liberal intellectual as president instead of a conservative anti-intellectual....

"Beatle disrespects conservative politician" is pretty "dog bites man."

Via Balloon Juice, a tantrum from a former Cheney staffer. And Roy Edroso has compiled more hissy fits.

Me, I wish Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann would follow up with additional outrage. That would be fun.