Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Van der Blogging

I admit that Van der Graaf Generator is an odd choice for casual iPod listening. But hey, if band's ghostly organs, scattershot saxophones, and primal, proto-punk howls can't keep you awake during the morning commute, what can?

'Sides, I find myself listening to those 1970 arty prog whatever tracks and nodding in agreement. For a 1970s arty prog whatever band, these guys managed to write some songs that are surprisingly...well...relevant. Forget about dusting off those Vietnam protest songs. Who needs 'em when you've got...

We have looked upon the heroes and they are found wanting;
we have looked hard across the land but we can see no dawn;
we have now dared to sear the sky but we are still bleeding...

--"Lemmings," Pawn Hearts

Live by sword and you shall die so,
all your power shall come to nought,
every life you take is part of your own:
death, not power, is what you've bought.

--"The Emperor in His War Room," from H to He, Who Am the Only One

Okay, it's not as catchy as "Fortunate Son" or "Eve of Destruction." But day-yum if you can't recognize the Chimp in Charge in these lyrics. Peter Hammill was more ahead of his time than anyone thought.